Here's how you can get Cynthia's 5 Pip Trailing Stop Scalping EA for FREE!
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Manual scalping in a fast 1 min and 5 min chart is fun, profitable and easy! The Trailing Stop EA manages my trade after I place it, with a 5 pip trailing stop after it moves the trade to breakeven.
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Here's a video I made showing how to scalp using my
5 Pip Trailing Stop EA with my new Breakout Simple System!

If you are a scalper, once you experience trading with the 5 Pip Trailing Stop EA, you'll never want to scalp trade without it!

Use it on all your live accounts!  Works on 4 and 5 digit MT4 platforms.

You can adjust the trailing stop to be more or less than 5 pips in the setting....use it for fast news trading or swing trading.

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