The Next Evolution in Forex Trading Has Arrived!


"Trade the London Open and New York Open with Color and Volatility"


Here's a short introductory video of Cynthia explaining how her new
London/NY Easy Color System
works with the color-coded volatility indicators:


Are you like most forex traders that don't know WHEN or WHAT to trade and WHAT TIME FRAME to trade,
and get caught in range-bound trades that you
can't see clearly what's happening,
and that wear your nerves thin and lead to losses?


Maybe you've learned 'how' to trade but you are still losing....

Chances are that you just aren't picking the right time to trade, or the right pairs.

Why trade when the market volume is low?  (unless you know what you're doing! 
I have a solution for that too!)

Do you even know when that is? 

Did you know that the market volume of the Asian Session
is only like 12% of the total volume of the entire 24 hour forex trading day?

Compare that to the New York Session that accounts for 20% of the forex trading volume....

but, the London Session accounts for 35% of the trading volume....that's when you should be trading!!


Now, I know that for Continental U.S. traders, trading the London and New York sessions is a killer....easy for the rest of the world, but tough on PST - EST traders.

But what if I told you that I've solved this problem?!

Would you be interested?  Yes, of course you would be!

Read on....


This is Cynthia of Day Trade Forex...

I started trading stock options on the telephone in the late 90's
before I even had a pc...
and I've been trading forex professionally since 2002. 

I created my first trading system to sell online in 2003.  Since then I've created three other very popular and evergreen trading systems based on color-coded indicators and volatility.


Now I've created a new trading system based on
color and volatility
that makes it easy for ANYONE to trade
the London or New York, even the Asian sessions!

Now you can see at a glance when the London and New York sessions begin and overlap and end!


Here's another short introductory video of Cynthia explaining how her new
London/NY Easy Color System
works with the color-coded volatility indicators:


Whether you're a forex novice or veteran, this new trading system will help you trade
during the busiest and most lucrative trading times.   Or, if you prefer to trade the quieter

Asian session, I have that covered too!

And the best part is you only have to look at your chart once, at a pre-determined time,
and with just a glance, you'll know if you have a trade opportunity or not...

and using the tools you get in this trading system, you can place your trade
and go off to work or bed or play, knowing that your trade will be managed for you!

 It will only take you 10 minutes to identify a trade setup and place your trade!


The main trend of the day often starts during the London Session and can continue during the New York Session, especially when they overlap for four hours.

Trading during the London and New York sessions in a 1 hour chart are the most lucrative hours to trade....but the problem for most traders is that they just can't see on their charts when to trade....when to get in,
when to get out....or why!


My new trading system is called

 "The London/NY Easy Color System"


It features a box of a shady grey color with a hot pink dashed outline for the London session and a box with an aqua blue dashed outline for the New York session....and the clear black in between is the 4 hour overlap of the two trading sessions.

The indicators are red for selling pressure and green for buying pressure.  You place a trade ONLY when the colors agree in all of the's easy to see at a glance if you should trade.

Take a look at this chart that clearly shows the London and the New York trading sessions and ask yourself,

"would this make my trading hours and decisions easier?"

Can you see at a glance when to enter?

It's so easy to see! 

When all the colors match and the bottom volatility windows confirm, you enter!

You can clearly see the beginning of the London session
and that the trend is down....

and the trend stays down during the first two hours of the New York session....

The matching red colors and the volatility indicators
scream SELL at the London Open!

Then, let Cynthia's Trailing EA Trade Manager take over!
  You can go to bed or to work or to the golf course
or to the beach!  Whatever!!!

No more staring at charts for more falling asleep at your pc or dragging your butt the next day!

And it will only take you 10 minutes and your trades will be "set and forget"!!

Is this appealing to you?

Here's another screenshot, would you like to be able to trade with this system?

This trade was 100 pips from London Open to New York Open....notice the color coordination between all windows...this is color trading at-a-glance!

No more agonizing....should I, shouldn't I....?

even two hours before the London Open the colors and
the indicators were screaming BUY!

How much easier would your trading be if it could be this simple and stress-free?

And how much more profitable??!!!  That's right --- a lot!

And it will only take you 10 minutes!


Now here's a screenshot showing how you clearly WOULD NOT be placing a trade on this pair at the London Open...because....

the colors in the main window are NOT agreeing!!!

No trade at the London Open...but you could have jumped into a
sell trade after the 3rd hour OR sold at the beginning
of the New York Open

....because the colors agreed!


It's really hard to make a mistake!

and, you don't need to have balls of steel!

Using the tools you get in this trading system, you can place your trade
and go off to work or bed or play,

knowing that your trade will be managed for you!

And it will only take you 10 minutes and your trades will be "set and forget"!! 

If you are serious about your trading future and your

money-making abilities online, this ONE-TWO POWER PUNCH
color-coded trading system allows you to literally tap into
some of the most powerful
trading tools that have helped me create

several very profitable live accounts…

AND allows me to live the lifestyle that I want...

living on the beach near Cancun, Mexico!


Now, your trading profits too can be UNSTOPPABLE!

If You Are Serious About Your Financial Future…

You NEED This!

Here's What You're Going To Get And Love!

A One Click Automated Installation for any broker's MT4      VALUE = PRICELESS

A MT4 Template Fully Loaded with all the Color-Coordinated Indicators    VALUE = PRICELESS

Unlimited Support, Video Training and Updates      VALUE = PRICELESS

Recommended pairs for the London session and the New York session  VALUE = PRICELESS

A channel indicator that gives you a red arrow when overbought and a green arrow when oversold   - great for seeing the tops and bottoms   VALUE = $97

Triangle Breakout Audio Popup Alert Indicator that automatically draws the Triangle Support &  Resistance & Take Profit Target Lines       VALUE = $97



But wait!  there's more!! 

You also get two automated trade management tools!


              CYNTHIA'S TRAILING EA TRADE MANAGER:         VALUE = $97

A simple easy-to-use Trade Manager, for fun, easy and profitable trading in any time frame!

Scalp, day trade or swing trade, it has a special optional feature for risk management:

at a pre-defined number of pips in profit, the Trade Manager can close 1/2 of your position
to book some profit and reduce your risk.

Then you have  7 different trailing types available to choose from to continue the trailing
of your remaining position.

I give you 5 presets for my favorite type trails, which includes moving your initial stop loss to breakeven when it books in profit 1/2 of your position,
your choice in the settings....and then it trails by your desired number of pips.  

It's easy to design your own presets based on your different trading strategies.

Now your trades can be "set and forget"!! 

Just place your trade and The Trade Manager will do
everything else for you! 

Go to sleep, go play golf, go to the beach or shopping or work,
you can leave your trade in the hands of
Cynthia's capable Trade Manager!

     The Easy Order is a script that is free from the net and I've been trading with it for three years now...I love it and I think you'll really love it too, so I want to share it with you.

You use it to place your buy, sell or pending trade
WITH ONE CLICK and at the same time,

the Easy Order will place your stop loss and take profit
at the latest major support and resistance levels for the time frame
you are trading in.

You can also move your stop loss and take profit right on your chart
by double clicking the lines on your chart and moving them up or down.

You can choose your lot size to be either a percentage
based on desired risk, or a pre-defined lot size. 

Using a moderate and correct lot size for your
trading account size is a huge part of successful trading...

and the Easy Order will help you keep your money management under control.

You can use it for any kind of trading and in any time frame.


You place the trade with the Easy Order, then
the trade manager, Cynthia's Trailing EA, will manage
your trade and will move the initial stop to breakeven at a
pre-defined point, book 1/2 of your trade, and then trail
the rest of the trade, moving the stop automatically at
pre-defined points to follow the price.  

If you get stopped out on a pullback,
that's ok, because you're usually already in profit,
and often you've gotten the best part out of the trade, automatically! 


Using a combination of the Trade Manager and Easy Order

and the audio popup Triangle Breakout Trade Signal Alert,


most of the trading decisions are made for you...

which means your trading is much improved because

your emotions are not part of the game...

and emotional trading mistakes are avoided,

which is most traders biggest problem.






If you want to be able to unlock ALL the RAW HORSEPOWER of Cynthia's
London/NY Easy Color System, we have a very special offer that
can take your trading results to the next level…

How Can You Do That?  Easy… Let Me Show You…

Here's a video showing how Cynthia trades with everything you'll get:


As you can see, this is a TOTAL NO-BRAINER for any serious trader who wants

That's why I want you to secure your copy of this EXCLUSIVE
London/NY Easy Color System


This is your chance to get the trading system of your dreams!!

It's user-friendly and will have you on the road to riches in no time!



From Lyn P. in Calif:

You've done it again Cynthia!  Kudos for another winning color system, I love it!  I live in PST and I can't stay up to trade the Frankfurt or London sessions and I can't get up early enough to trade the New York session, but your special strategy to trade the Asian session really works for me!  For the first time in my trading life, I can now make winning trades when I'm fully alert! 



With the pairs I traded today, I just stopped trading about 10 mins. ago, I had about 12% drawdown and 80% accuracy and almost 20% gain on a 1,000.00 demo account and I just got the system from you yesterday. Once I get really good with it imagine what I will be able to achieve.

This is just catching breakouts left and right and like I said long after the day was over during the Aussie session I was making even better returns with the system than I did during the N.Y. session. This new system of yours just put the ball out of the park. You just can't miss and all that is required is patience.

What I like the most about the system I said it all in that statement...the time in which you can stay in the market and still find winners, even better than during the regular sessions... the ease of the methodology and applying it. You have wins and losses but it's easy to more than make up for the losses on the very next trade.  There really isn't anything that I don't like. I don't see any re-painting when it comes to the indicators. My testimony said it ALL. Thank you.

Hylas in So. California


Hi Cynthia,

This new system is such a deal, you need to think about raising the price. There is so much thought that has been put into this. I will be putting my Color Ribbon Surfing system aside and moving to this for sure, and I totally loved my Ribbon system. I think it needs a better name though, something like rocket fuel, because if directions are followed the results will be amazing on the
trades entered. I have not yet gone through all the training videos but I have seen most of it, and you certainly have covered all the bases. I don't see how you can possibly improve on this, but I know you will try. Falling in love with PSAR on the trade manager.

Thanks again,
John C.


From the Closed Bonus Facebook Training Group:
From Brooklin G.:

I am really excited about my progress with this system so far.

I have made 6 trades so far and all turned out positive. All the trades were taken on the GBP/JPY because that is my favorite right now.  The nicest thing was my last trade I put on just before going to bed for the night and I woke up to another $208.98 in my account in the morning. Who doesn't like when that happens.  I still haven't downloaded the special bonus in the facebook group.  I wanted to first use the easy template and get used to that.  I'm not worried at all by the boxes being off by an hour.  I just love that they are there showing me generally the open and close of the different trading sessions.  In my past trading I tried to keep that in my mind but now its right there on the charts and it is one less thing to think about.  I think I will take today off and study some more from the videos you made and the PDF.  I will learn how to use Jing and post some of my trades. Winners and losers to be fair. Also will setup my profiles and get a trading log together and download the excel spreadsheet to track all my progress making it like a real money making business!!!

Hi again everyone.

Well, I saw a great trade set up on the GBP/JPY 30 minute chart just after my last post in which I said I wasn't going to trade today.  Just to stay disciplined, I specifically didn't allow myself to take the trade.  Now 2 1/2 hours later upon my return home I just had to see where the trade would have taken me and it was a BEAUTIFUL ride up from 174.270 to now where it sits at 174.458.  All in the name of being disciplined.  Just thinking I really like this system.  Thanks.

Many thanks Cynthia


This is my first post with this group. I've been trying all sorts of systems and indicators for probably 3+ years with a view to making forex my retirement business...and spent a lot of money on all sorts of indicators. I don't like losing money and I've spent many, many hours trial trading (actually hundreds).

I've been trialling Cynthia's other programs, but the London New York system is no doubt her best. I'm finally ready to go live trading in the next few weeks. If you follow the indicators, you can't lose. I'm still not confident on my confidence in using the trailing EA settings, but I'm lucky as I'm based in Australia and can personally monitor the three major trading sessions.

My reason for writing this post is to suggest to those of you who are on all sorts of email lists that are offering new products, indicators, binary options, next best thing, webinars,etc. Don't waste your time or money. In my opinion, the opportunity you have with Cynthia's latest program is as good as it gets. AND the ongoing support she gives for the money you pay does not happen in any other product I've been involved with.

Steve C.


***  Testimonial emails on file  ****

Legal Disclaimer:  Unique and past performances do not guarantee future results. The testimonials presented are real and unsolicited and on file and quoted by permission.

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The Day Trade Forex Team

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The Color Coded Trend Trading System is best for trading in the higher time frames, 30 min up to daily

The Color Ribbon Surfing System is best traded using timeframes of 5 min up to 4 hour & is great for Binary Option trading!

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